What is a reasonable amount to spend on a wedding ring?

Wedding rings are in most occasions one of the only pieces of jewellery that will worn every days for the duration of a persons married life. They are made to last a lifetime and can be a large financial purchase. Typically made from 18ct Gold or Platinum wedding rings start from only around £200 but when set with diamonds or a larger heavier ring can run in to the thousands of pounds.

When deciding how much to spend on your wedding rings it is important for the couple to decide a budget they are comfortable with and most of the time we can work within that to ensure you are getting your dream ring.

Our online wedding ring creator will let you explore the options we offer and give you an up to date price for the ring you desire. Click the link below and follow the step by step process or call us to speak with one of our wedding ring experts. Alternatively visit our boutique in St Albans to view our full wedding ring collection.

Wedding Ring Creator